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In addition to public  concerts, every year B'ee offers a limited number of commission work as well as participatory and pedagogical opportunities for sharing particular skill sets.

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Private commissions (as available):

  • Private concerts: (Price depends on location and other planned events but start at $800)

  • Sound recording, arrangement and production (starts at $500)

  • Custom stringed instrument building (starts at $600)

  • Sound Massage: a tonal meditation experience based on the album Organic Light or The Secreted Egg ‎– Emissions From The Primary 19 Harmonics Of 30th Octave - Earth Orbit Sun (34.03hz)

Subjects for tutillage::

  • Music theory

  • Guitar

  • Recording and music production

  • Sound Massage Experience

  • Introduction to Acoustic instrument construction

Course curriculums are individually prepared based on previous knowledge and interest of participants. Group sessions may also be arranged at discount.   Individually prepared curriculums start at $1000 and include a minimum of two private workshop sessions.


Please include your subjects of interest, your previous experience, your location and best times of contact to arrange a Skype consultation.

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